The Board of Director’s wanted to provide you with a current update regarding the pool, hours, and Emergency / Regular Pool Rules.

The Board realizes how much the Community looks forward to enjoying the beautiful amenities that the Association provides, particularly the pool during the summer. As such, the Board has worked diligently to bring the pool back up and open, considering all of the challenges, as it relates to COVID-19, Governmental requirements, extra services and expenses.
The Board approved to open the pool on June 12, 2020 with Emergency Rules in effect along with enhanced cleaning protocols, and reduction of furniture, to encourage “Social Distancing”, etc. Unfortunately, due to rules not being adhered to, the Board had to shut down the pool, the weekend of July 23, 2020, and re-evaluate the operations of the pool. At that time, it was deemed that “On-Site” staff was needed to ensure the rules are being adhered to, for the safety of the entire Community and its Members.

The Board worked hard to procure the services of Premier Aquatics, for an onsite Pool Monitor, to open the pool back up on August 1, 2020 for a “Soft Opening” as they wanted to monitor the effectiveness for any needed modifications, etc. Upon evaluations during this time, it was determined that due to actions of some of the Members, there would need to be two (2) Pool Monitors on-site and the modified hours would be 1 P.M. to 7 P.M.

Currently, Premier Aquatics is set to be on-site through the end of Aug, where at that time the Board will re-evaluate for any extension of, or modification to the services. The Board may consider a reservation system if there are any further incidents.

In the meantime, please find attached the Emergency & Regular Pool Rules that must be adhered to at all times.

Specifically, please be cognizant of the following items:

• Alcohol is prohibited at all times
• No “Guests” (Only current Residents)
• Face Masks must be worn when not swimming

Premiere Aquatics has been directed by the Board to vet those upon entry, and only grant access, once the 2- step verification process below has been completed:

• Must present a valid ID (or utility bill) verifying the property address
• Must present a working FOB
Lastly, please be kind to the Premiere Aquatics Staff, as they are there so the pool can remain open for all to enjoy. There will be Zero Tolerance for inappropriate behavior and Law Enforcement will be contacted if necessary.

The Board of Director’s thank you for your support while they work hard to navigate these times.